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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Cincinnati mosque update

My original post on the bombing at a Cincinnati mosque can be found here.

The latest news stories on Google stem from the FBI offering a $15,000 reward for help in the investigation, the most recent one is dated Dec. 22. The reward is for information leading to the "arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for the bombing of the Islamic Association of Cincinnati facilities at 3668 Clifton Avenue, Cincinnati on Tuesday December 20, 2005."

This is in addition to the $5,000 offered by CAIR and another reward offered by the local Crimestoppers organization.

Though no one was hurt in this incident, bombings at mosques are not something to be taken lightly, as it is an oft used tactic in Iraq. Insurgents use this type of terror to undercut moderate voices within Islam and the results are deadly serious.

CAIR-Ohio held a vigil at the mosque last week, on Wednesday evening (Dec. 21). It appeared that the vigil went well and area Muslims were determined to continue on with their normal lives despite being afraid.

"We didn’t really know how many to expect. Chairs for 60 were set up. Over 300 people showed up," said Karen Dabdoub, the director of the Cincinnati office of CAIR-Ohio.

She said area Muslims are "shocked, worried and afraid." Though there is some fear she pointed out the large turnout for the prayer vigil at the very mosque that was bombed.

Dabdoub also said it was likely the high turnout was due to the unprecedented nature of this event within the Cincinnati Muslim community.

The FBI and ATF are investigating the event, with the ATF analyzing the explosives.

As of Friday night, Dabdoub said she didn't know if the FBI, ATF and local police were doing enough to complete the investigation.

"Time will tell," she said.


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