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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Asteroid reaches two on Torino Scale

Wow. I was kind of stunned when I saw this but an asteroid, 2004 VD17, has moved up the Torino Scale, to a two. Previously, only one other near earth object has reached as high as two on the Torino Impact Hazard Scale, that is Apophis, which briefly went as high as four.

Check it out at the Near Earth Object Web site.

Apophis still sits at a one and 1997 XR2 was removed from the list entirely.

Chances are still slim that this object will impact the Earth, in fact very slim, a greater than 99.94% chance that it will not hit Earth at all. But at a 1 in 1,850 chance of impacting Earth it merits more attention than any other known object at this time.

The potential impact date falls in the year range 2096-2104, ample time to deflect it if that becomes what needs to be done. The greatest likelihood of impact is on May 4, 2102. This asteroid is significantly larger than Apophis at over a half kilometer in diameter. (Apophis is 300-400 meters wide or so).

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Screen Grab: NASA Near Earth Object Program Web site, Feb. 26, 2006.


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